Watch a walkthrough video of Animal Creator

Can I run Animal Creator on my iPhone?

No, Animal Creator is only available for the iPad.

How do I create an animal?

Make sure you are in the "Animal" view (the top "Animal" button will be selected)

Tap on one of the animals in the left-hand "Animals" column to enlarge it.  You will see the animal divided into four quadrants.  Make sure the "Pieces" button is selected in the Animals column.

Tapping or dragging one of these quadrants will place that section of the animal on the right-hand side of the screen, the animal creation workspace.  

Choose other quadrants from other animals to create your animal.


How do I color my animal?

Coloring tools are found on a toolbar at the bottom of the workspace.  If the toolbar is hidden, click on the diagonal arrow on the bottom-right of your screen. To hide the toolbar, click on the "X" button to the right of the toolbar.

To apply color:

Choose a color by tapping on the color square on the toolbar.  This will bring up a selection of color swatches. Choose a color by tapping it.  To close the color selection box, tap the color square again.

Fill lets you fill in large areas.  Select the Fill tool and tap the area of your animal you'd like to fill with color.  Note that Animal Creator divides animals into quarters, so you must fill each quadrant separately. 

Brush lets you draw lines or dots of color using your finger.  You can adjust the size of the line using the brush size tool, found to the right of the paintbrush tool.

The Dropper tool lets you automatically select a color you've already used, just by tapping on that color in your animal workspace.

If you make a mistake, you can undo and redo your last moves using the undo and redo tools.


How do I start a new animal?

Click the New button, or use the Add New button to make a copy of the current animal.


How do I listen to my animal?

Click on the Hear icon in the toolbar to listen to your animal.


How do I give my animal a different name?

To give your animal a random name, click the red die icon on the top left of your workspace.  To type in your own name, click the A key icon.  To lock the name of the animal so it can't be changed, even if you swap out pieces, click the lock icon.


How do I save my animal?

Click on the Add New button to save your animal as you are creating it.  You can view your saved animals by clicking on the "Saved" button in the left-hand Animals column. 

If you want to modify an existing saved animal, first find it on your list of Saved Animals.  Tap the animal twice to load it into the right-hand workspace.  Make the changes you'd like, and then click the Save button.

Delete a saved animal by swiping left to right on the saved animal.  A red Delete button will appear.  Note that this only works on unselected saved animals (that is, saved animals which are not large with a blue background). 


How do I put my animal in a scene?

First, you must save your animal.  (See above for these directions).  Then, click on the Scenery button, found at the top of your animal workspace.  Tap on a saved animal to select it, then tap or drag to place it in the scene. 

To scroll through your available scenes, click on the right arrow located at the bottom right of the scene.

How do I arrange my animals in a scene?

After you place an animal in a scene, tap on it to bring up its control buttons

  • Flip the animal right-to-left or top-to-bottom by tapping on the arrow buttons.
  • Move the animal above or below another animal or the foreground of the scenery by using the layer-switching button.
  • Delete your animal from the scene by tapping the red X button.  This will only delete your animal from the scene, not from your list of saved animals.


How do I share my creations with other people?

You can use the Email button to email your animal or scene, post it on Facebook, or save it to your iPad photos.

How do I get more animals and scenery?

Click the Get New  Content button to purchase expansion packs of animals and scenery through iTunes.