Step 1: Create an Animal
  • Easily create thousands new and fantastic creatures
  • Creature is automatically named or
  • You can use the keyboard to type in your own name
  • Each animal makes a unique sound


Step 2: Color it in

  • Color in your creature using the coloring tools
  • Use the paint can, a range of brush sizes, or the eye-dropper
  • Choose from a palette of 130 colors
  • Undo/Redo feature makes sure that the creative process doesn't get frustrating


Step 3: Put your animal in a setting

  • Save your new animal creations
  • Place your animals in different settings
  • Scale, flip, turn, and arrange animals in the setting
  • Each composition is a unique work of art!

Create more animals to add to the scene.


Step 4: Share with your friends!

  • Share your animals and scenes using Facebook or email
  • Save your scenes to your iPad photos
  • Create comics using the pictures, or compose stories about the scenes

Step 5: Expand your creative worlds

  • Download expansion packs of new animals and scenery
  • You'll always have something fresh and new to create with!